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The World CBD Supply Company was created because we genuinely care about your health and wellbeing, we also understand the importance of being educated and having access to alternative safer treatments for various health conditions. We are aware that most man made medications have side effects and can cause toxins to build up in your body. We strive to bring you the purest and most effective CBD products on the market. Our products come with a 30 day no questions asked policy.

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How does CBD affect the body?

CBD work by acting on the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system’s main job is to maintain homeostasis and help the body adapt to outside stressors. There are two main types of cannabinoids—endo (produced naturally within the body) and phyto (produced from a plant). CBD is one type of phytocannabinoid. Phytocannabinoids mimic endocannabinoids, so they can act like a supplement, giving you a boost beyond what your body can produce. Receptors for cannabinoids are found in the digestive, reproductive, nervous, and immune systems. Because cannabinoids interact with almost every system in our bodies, they’re often touted as a cure-all. While they’re not truly able to heal everything, they do regulate neurotransmitter function, inflammation, mitochondrial function, and metabolism.

Who should try CBD oil?

CBD is safe for almost everyone, according to a recent report from the World Health Organization, but check with your doctor before starting any CBD product, especially if you are pregnant or on any medications. Research has shown several CBD oil benefits, ranging from alleviating social anxiety to improving rheumatoid arthritis.

CBD health benefits.

Improves mood disorders. CBD works directly on the brain receptors 5HT1A (serotonin) and GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter). Lower levels of these can contribute to anxiety and depression.
Lowers inflammation.
Suppresses cytokine production and induces T-regulatory cells to protect the body from attacking itself, which can help autoimmune conditions.
Decreases chronic pain.
Inhibits transmission of neuronal signalling through pain pathways.
Aids gut health.
Helps heal the leaky tight junctions that contribute to intestinal permeability and decreases spasmodic activity common in irritable bowel syndrome.
Helps treat seizures.
May relieve epilepsy in children.



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